Black Pepper Oil Effective for Cigarette Smoking Withdrawal

This study by Rose JEBehm FM is one of many articles describing the benefits of black pepper essential oil to help smokers reduce withdrawal symptoms from cigarette smoking. Black pepper has a number of known benefits, including anti-infective properties and anti-oxidant. But for cigarette smokers the inhalation of black pepper oil can be particularly useful, namely that it reduces craving. The test below, from the  journal of Drug Alcohol Depend shows how smokers compared inhalation of black pepper oil vs inhalation of nicotine and inhalation of air. Black pepper reduced craving significantly. To use this at home one can simply apply black pepper oil to a cotton pad and inhale or open the bottle of oil and inhale the vapors. Black pepper oil can be irritating, especially if it gets near the eyes, so use precaution when attempting to use the oil for kicking the habit.
The study was conducted at the Nicotine Research Laboratory (151-S), V.A. Medical Center, Durham, NC 27705.

Inhalation of vapor from black pepper extract reduces smoking withdrawal symptoms.


“Previous studies have suggested that sensory cues associated with cigarette smoking can suppress certain smoking withdrawal symptoms, including craving for cigarettes…..”

A cigarette substitute was administered that contained a mint/menthol cartridge and another with an empty cartridge, were compared to inhalation of the essential oil from black pepper

“Forty-eight cigarette smokers participated in a 3-h session conducted after overnight deprivation from smoking. Subjects were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: one group of smokers puffed on a device that delivered a vapor from essential oil of black pepper; a second group puffed on the device with a mint/menthol cartridge, and a third group used a device containing an empty cartridge….”

“Reported craving for cigarettes was significantly reduced in the pepper condition relative to each of the two control conditions. In addition, negative affect and somatic symptoms of anxiety were alleviated in the pepper condition relative to the unflavored placebo. The intensity of sensations in the chest was also significantly higher for the pepper condition. These results support the view that respiratory tract sensations are important in alleviating smoking withdrawal symptoms. Cigarette substitutes delivering pepper constituents may prove useful in smoking cessation treatment.”


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