Essential Oils To Help Bring on a More Restful Sleep

Insomnia Relief Scent Inhaler by Earth Solutions contains 4 essential oils blend. It includes Rosemary to encourage deep breathing and comfort, lavender to calm and relax, vetiver to reduce hyperactivity of the mind, and chamomile to deepen the  sense of comfort.

For your own home made version, you may also try try infusing a few drops of lavender , chamomile and clary sage essential oil onto a cotton ball and placing it near your pillow.   As you breath in these fragrant aromatic oils, relax your body and allow yourself to drift  into a great night’s sleep.

Do you lay in bed for hours at night unable to catch a good night of sleep? Do you wake feeling sluggish and tired, trudging through your day unable to concentrate or focus on anything because you barely getting any sleep? Though sleeping pills are widely prescribed for insomnia, they become less effective over time and they are highly addictive with side effects sometimes more severe than insomnia itself.  In an article published on regarding effective treatments for insomnia, sleep expert Claudia Toth asserts that “you don’t need to take medicine to deal with insomnia, in the long run, behavioral therapy tends to be a more effective approach, ” recommending people to create a low stress sleep inducing environment while allowing the mind to relax, wind down, and drift slowly into sleep. For a natural approach to more restful sleep , try using essential oils aromatherapy to calm your mind and body.